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Painting is fun and glorious experience for me - I try to make it colorful, beautiful and meaningful and in looking at my
work I hope that you see the joy and delight in the scenes, things and people - like you - that I paint.


My work is about life itself, with a touch of humor.

    Nantucket Map & Legend
State of the Arts
June 6,2000
AAN displays animal magnetism
by Florrie Ives [read more]
    Recorder Community Newspapers
About Art
October 10,2002
Tine Graham's explosive paintings at The Show
By Rachel Mullen / Art Critic [read more]
    The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood
Arts & Entertainment
November 21, 2002
Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times
Ms. Graham, Fido and Fluffy Are Ready Ready For Their Close-Ups at Evalyn Dunn Gallery
By Michelle H. LePoidevin [read more]
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Cell: 201-290-2023
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